Kate Fantinel – Liberal Democrats Western Australia Senate Candidate

Kate Fantinel

Former SSAA National Media and Political Liaison Officer Kate Fantinel is running as the Lead Senate Candidate for the Liberal Democrats in Western Australia. Kate served the SSAA for five years and supported Chief Executive Officer Tim Bannister and former President Geoff Jones during the 2014 Greens-led inquiry into gun-related violence, followed by the 2018 review into the National Firearms Agreement.

Kate left the SSAA to work for former Liberal Democrats Senator David Leyonhjelm, who regularly stood up for shooters – including defending shooters during the Adler shotgun issue while saving the Anzac Rifle Range in Malabar.

Kate completely rejects the collectivist punishment of shooters and strongly condemns the treatment of Western Australian firearm owners by the McGowan Government. Kate understands that tougher restrictions on law-abiding firearm owners and more police bureaucracy is not an effective means of crime control.

Born and raised in regional Australia, Kate values the role of hunters in positive conservation and environmental outcomes. She supports the greater use of volunteer hunters to protect our National Parks. Her father, Shane Fantinel is a life-time member of the Sporting Shooters’ Association of Australia South Australian Conservation and Wildlife Management group.

If elected, Kate will hold Customs officials to account for their unreasonable treatment of those importing legal firearm parts. She has already exposed the Australian Federal Police for sensationalising firearm seizures during her time at the SSAA and will continue to ask the hard questions from the Senate crossbench – just like former Senator Leyonhjelm did.

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