The Jumbunna Collection Volume II: More stories from the bush by John Dunn

As a seasoned outdoorsman John Dunn has graced the pages of Australian Shooter with his entertaining and witty writings for more than three decades. For possibly longer than he may care to remember, as one of our senior correspondents John has been bringing the curtain down on the magazine with his monthly Jumbunna column.

Now he’s put together his second collection of those columns for readers to reprise at their leisure. As well as encompassing firearms reviews and serious hunting escapades, it’s comforting to know John can pen such illuminating encounters from his experiences in the Outback as well as numerous overseas treks to locations including Finland, New Zealand and Alaska.

The Jumbunna Collection Volume II: More stories from the bush picks up where The Jumbunna Collection left off back in 2000. The monthly anecdotes travel down the years until the latter part of 2020 and one of the joys is you don’t have to read it from cover to cover, just can pick and choose any tale you fancy.

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