Issue 20 - Australian & New Zealand Handgun

Welcome to the 20th anniversary bumper edition of Australian & New Zealand Handgun. With no few than 27 articles on all things handgun and handgun-related, we feel this edition of the southern hemisphere’s premier small-arms publication has something for everyone. For our cover story, Daniel O’Dea has spent countless hours researching numerous brands of 9mm handgun ammunition in a wide variety of pistols. We have plenty of items in review with pistols including the latest Pardini GT9, the impressive 1911 Pro Series by Smith & Wesson, the Colt Delta Elite and CZ TS2 and we take a close look at ammunition from Tigershark and Browning X-Point. And with a sense of history in mind, Geoff Smith takes a look back at the origins of the revolver from humble and primitive beginnings to some of the most innovative designs we see today.