SSAA Perth Big Game Rifle Club

SSAA Perth Big Game Rifle ClubWestern Australia Club Profile

Big Game Rifle shooting as a club sport was started in 1983 by a group of shooters at the Eagle Park Range in Victoria, and became an actual discipline of the SSAA in the 1990s.

There has always been a small band of big game rifle enthusiasts in WA, but establishing a Big Game Rifle club was difficult. Following several attempts by various people, Barry Evans (club founder and Inaugural President) finally succeeded in October 2002 in establishing the Perth Big Game Rifle Club (Inc) so the other founding members could shoot the Big Game Rifle discipline. The club’s first official shoot was in February 2003.

The club promotes the safe handling and responsible use of firearms and fosters the use of all calibres and action types, including muzzleloaders. The club’s primary objective is to create a unified body of people interested in the preservation, collection, study and field competition with large bore, big game rifles, both nitro and black powder.

The club shares part of a range with the Northern Districts Pistol Club at the Wanneroo Shooting Complex at Pinjar about 40 minutes north of Perth. Club facilities are firing lines (25, 50, 75 and 100 yards) with access roads and parking area. The site is approved for all rifle calibres from .22 rimfire to .600 Nitro Express and shotguns. This means that all the events run by SSAA National can be run on this range.

Club members use a wide variety of rifles, including .22 rimfire, old British rook rifle calibres, double rifles such as the .360, .375 Nitro and .500, and .577 black powder. Magazine rifles from .223 to .458 also have a keen following. Even single-shots can be used in all events (except double rifle shoots) as long as you are fast on the reload with the timed fire sequences.

Most matches start with shots at the longer distances being untimed, then as you get closer to the target, there are timed sequences of two shots in 10 seconds starting with the gun below the elbow or in the case of double rifles, then four shots in 16 seconds. The larger the calibres required, the lesser number of shots are fired in a full match. The standard target used is the 50m International Slow Fire Pistol Target.

Members are often seeking to purchase suitable rifles for club events, especially double rifles and big-bore magazine rifles.

The SSAA Perth Big Game Rifle Club currently holds shoots on the third Sunday of the month from February to December.

For contact information check the SSAA WA state branch list.
This club profile was originally published in Australian Shooter June 2003.