SSAA Shepparton Shotgun Branch

Victoria Club Profile

The Shepparton Shotgun Branch began its life in 1964, a joint venture between Paul Gribben, Shepparton’s mayor, John Stuart, and Doug Rogers - who is still a current member. Ten members originally graced the Branch; Shepparton now has more than 500 members.

Current President, Ian Mudford, continues to encourage new membership by building new facilities, supplying ‘show bags’ of information at licence testing nights, introducing new shoots/competitions and increasing the number of free days - for shooters to do their own thing.

The Branch boasts shotgun, pistol and rifle ranges, with provision for both self-catering and a kiosk on-site.

At present, Shepparton has facilities for all Shotgun disciplines, except simulated field; Military Rifle out to 300 metres; Lever Action and Black Powder. In pistols, they have facilities for Metallic Silhouette Field Pistol and Service Match.

The shotgun range is currently being revamped and a new clubhouse will be completed next year. The building of a new 100-metre pistol range has commenced, including new clubrooms. On completion the Branch will start on a 50-metre and a 25-metre range and an area for IPSC and Western Action.

In recent years Shepparton Shotgun Branch has hosted the National Lever Action Titles, State Military Pistol Championships and each year they help host the Dookie Rifle Shoot. The Branch is hoping the new pistol range will allow them to hold numerous state, national and international matches.

The Branch recently held the inaugural Blue Ribbon Day, which raised more than $2000 for the Blue Ribbon Foundation - donations went to the local hospital’s trauma unit. Sixty-three shooters participated and prizes were kindly donated from local businesses. Three local politicians: Member for Murray, the Honourable Dr Sharmon Stone; Member for Shepparton, Jeanette Powell; and Member for North East Province, the Honourable Wendy Lovell, presented sashes and prizes to winners.

The Branch received excellent exposure from WIN TV and the Shepparton News. This was of great benefit to the club, increasing membership and exposing our sport to the youth.
Shepparton believes that every club should do their best to encourage young shooters to our sport and to school and instruct them properly.

Shepparton is the only range in the area that hosts rifle, pistol and shotgun events. If a planned land purchase goes ahead, they hope to have a range of more than 1000 metres for rifles and a pistol range up to 200 metres. Long-term they would like to see a camping ground established along the river, with a full-time caretaker and all the facilities of a normal caravan park, for use by any members of the public.

For contact information check the SSAA Victoria state branch list.
This club profile was originally published in Australian Shooter December 2004.