Sporting Shooters Pistol Club

Australian Capital Territory Club Profile

The ACT Sporting Shooters Pistol Club (SSPC) Inc is the largest section under the SSAA (ACT) Inc and has been operating since 1966. SSPC is the only SSAA pistol club in the ACT and is affiliated with Pistol Australia and the International Practical Shooting Confederation. The club consists of more than 230 members and offers the following sections/disciplines:

  • New members
  • ISSF (formally UIT)
  • Practical Revolver
  • Practical (IPSC)
  • Action Match
  • Service Match
  • Metallic Silhouette
  • Black Powder
  • Short Barrel Centrefire
  • Short Barrel .22 Rimfire.

The new members program runs every Sunday morning and usually attracts about 20 people. Wayne Christian has been running this program for the past few years and was recently awarded the Robert Bratton Trophy for his contribution to new members.

Membership in SSPC is continuing to grow, with more women and family members joining. This growth appears to follow the annual Royal Canberra Show. The SSAA (ACT) runs a show stand that provides details on all sections of the shooting sports and displays firearms from all shooting disciplines. To maintain the interest generated by the Show, SSAA (ACT) holds an ‘open day’ at the ACT SSAA Shooting Complex.

The complex features a new SSAA clubhouse with kitchen facilities. As ranges are spread out and each section has their own area, other smaller facilities are situated throughout the complex. The old clubhouse has been retained as a future bunkhouse and is currently used as a lounge area for campers.

The SSPC conducts night shoots for scouts groups and media/social days for sporting groups such as the Canberra Raiders (Rugby League team), COSMOS (ACT Soccer Team) and the AIS Olympic Swimming Team.

The club hosted the action match section of the Oceania Games in 1999 and also conducts national competitions for metallic silhouette and IPSC.

SSPC (ACT) Inc has just conducted the 12th Action Match Nationals in conjunction with the Canberra Trophy. These events were conducted throughout eight days and attracted more than 100 competitors.

The actual SSAA range complex is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

For contact information check the SSAA ACT state branch list.
This club profile was originally published in Australian Shooter February 2001.