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Western Australian Police Officer Superintendent Stephen Robbins’ Affidavit

Canadian Attitudes Toward Gun Control: The Real Story The Mackenzie Institute

Down the American path by Ted Drane

Expert Group Meeting on ‘information gathering and analysis of firearm regulations’ report United Nations

Daryl Williams states there is "no common legislation as such..." Australian House of Representatives Hansard

Government’s joint response to the Teoh case Minister for Foreign Affairs, and Attorney-General

A Conspiracy of Deceit by Ted Drane

Criminal Justice Reform and Strengthening of Legal Institutions - Measures to regulate firearms United Nations Secretary-General

Tasmania allows dealers to buy unregistered firearms by Commissioner of Police Richard McCreadie

Howard interview regarding Premiers walkout at Conference in Canberra

Firearms and the USA by Ted Drane

National Rifle Association is turning to world stage to fight gun control The New York Times

Chief takes aim at gun lobby ‘The gun lobby is misleading people’ Ottawa Sun

Excerpts from the Victorian Regulatory Impact Statement Department of Justice

Response from NSW Premier Bob Carr re his comments about handguns

State figures on firearms buyback program Attorney-General's Department

Letter from firearms owner on NSW registration efficiency

How Firearm Crime is declining by Ted Drane

Response to Department of Justice on Victorian Regulatory Impact Statement

Japan announced a further contribution of $140,000 to the project United Nations Press Release SOC/CP/198

The Prime Minister and Handguns Australian House of Representatives Hansard

Why Gun Registration will Fail by Ted Drane

Western Australian Police create database of firearm users on rural properties by A K Watson APM

Letter to firearm owners in the Electorate of Kingston about Susan Jeanes, Liberal Politician

The source and directions of gun control in Australia by John Bradbury

Results of a Massive Crime Study by Ted Drane

Review of Firearms Control in New Zealand - Foreword by Sir Thomas Murray Thorp

Review of Firearms Control in New Zealand - Extracts from the Thorp report

President of Gun Control Australia John Crook comments on gun owners The Advertiser

Victorian Police Minister response to Victorian gun laws by Hon Bill McGrath MLA

Australian firearms buyback public education campaign - summary of findings

Government found to be unjust by Ted Drane

Letter to Ian Causley MP National Party by concerned SSAA member #726

UN press conference by Panel of Government Experts on Small Arms United Nations

Reply by Ian Causley MP National Party to SSAA member #726

Letter by SSAA member to Sydney University about Simon Chapman interview

Public Health pot shots - how the CDC succumbed to the gun ‘epidemic’ by Don B. Kates, Henry E. Schaffer, and William B. Waters IV

SSAA Wodonga letter to National Party Taskforce

Thanks to participants in firearms buyback by Hon Daryl Williams AM QC MP

Letter from SSAA member on the dangers of international UN conventions

SSAA Firearms Buyback Survey Results Australian Shooters Journal

French Gun Laws by Philippe Mullot

Letter on the Northern Territory Police requirements for hunting

Response by SSAA member to "Guns buy-back falters" editorial Canberra Times

Funding for Coalition for Gun Control questions Australian House of Representatives Hansard

Man caught in gun law paradox Canberra Times

Court to referee legal shootout over gun control: Provincial, federal governments head to Alberta for appeal The Ottawa Citizen

Canadian Federal lawyers fear gun-law chaos Calgary Herald

Western Australia’s proposed changes to Regulations by Minister for Police John Day

UN Workshop on firearm problems to be held in Slovenia United Nations Press Release SOC/CP/200

Agenda for UN Workshop on the purposes of crime prevention and public safety United Nations

Queensland Opposition Leader Peter Beattie response to ASJ

British American Security Information Council presentation at United Nations Workshop on Firearm Regulation
by BASIC Analyst Geraldine O’Callaghan

Philip Alpers speaks at Slovenia UN Workshop United Nations

UN Workshop list of participants in Slovenia United Nations

Workshop considered ‘important first step’ in harmonizing national legislation United Nations Press Release SOC/CP/201

SSAA National advertisement at end of Buyback

“If it saves only one doctor” by Dr Paul Gallant and Dr Joanne Eisen

Toronto report links the majority of gun deaths to government-ignored smuggling by Brian Barber & Jonathan Bloedow

Who's Driving the Gun Grab? Australian Shooters Journal

Arms and the law The Weekly Telegraph (UK)

South Australia Police response to questions concerning firearm owners

Fighting Back: Crime, Self-Defense, and the Right to Carry a Handgun Cato Institute

Guns waste editorial Coffs Harbour Advocate

NSW gun crime up despite buyback Herald Sun

ABS firearm import figures into Australia

Western Australian Police Minister’s response on Supt. Stephen Robbins

Australian statistics on death by firearms 1995-1996 Australian Bureau of Statistics

Thomas Hamilton's possession of firearms and ammunition

The United Nations Worldwide Firearms Survey by SSAA Research Team

Victorian robbery figures 1996-1997 The Age

Gun reform fraudulent against taxpayers, says Doctor The Advertiser

Letter on the NSW Police Service’s registration efficiency

Rising crime in Australia by Lucy Sullivan

Alexander Downer on the United Nations and Australian gun control

Herb Gray reveals the Liberal's real agenda on Canada gun control by Scott Edmunds

An open letter to the people of Japan by David B. Kopel

What is wrong with the 1990 National Committee on Violence report?

Too good to be true or too absurd to believe? by SSAA Research Team

National Party of Victoria report of the Firearms Taskforce by Don Kilgour

Third UN Workshop concludes in Brazil United Nations Press Release SOC/CP/202

Philip Alpers says be wary over US gun lobby at Brazil UN firearms conference Evening Post

Do British subjects of good character have a legal right to possess arms for self defence?

The Great Australian Gun “Buyback” by SSAA Research Team

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