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Opposition Leader John Howard’s gun control comment

Laurie Oakes interview
Channel 9
4 June 1995

Laurie Oakes: What about law and order. Do's been a big issue in state elections, do you see it as a major federal issue, and if so, what will be your approach there?

John Howard: Well, very much a coordinating role, Laurie. I mean, I think the primary responsibility is in relation to the states. I've got to say myself that I think the trend towards televising court proceedings is a very bad trend. I would also hate to see Australia go down the American path. I think the OJ Simpson trial has demonstrated the high farce of the criminal justice system in that country, and if any Australian thinks it will improve our criminal justice system by going down that path, they're wrong.

I also have a view about gun control that is a very strong one, I think you have to have some exemptions properly for rural people and for sporting organisations, but, beyond that I think any legitimate moves, any bans on semi-automatic weapons and so forth are needed to keep the curse of proliferation of guns out of Australia.


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