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Gun licensing explained

ABC 891 Adelaide, Adelaide Mornings: 27 May 2010 09:39AM

Bevan says Tim Noonan has set himself a task to find out how easy it is to get a gun. Noonan says he is with Andrew Marks at the Marksman Range. He says he is about to fire a semi-automatic self-loading pistol which is typically used by Police in NSW and Qld. [audio of Noonan firing a gun]. Noonan says there is also a revolver and asks Marks if these are typical of what might be used in the security industry. Marks says that is correct as they can use either semi-automatic pistols or revolvers. He describes the current gun licensing streams and requirements for application to police. He says club use would go through an accredited club training course, security industry train via police accredited security industry firearms instructors, while private hunting, recreational hunting and primary production go through a TAFE course. He says the Class C & D firearms TAFE course takes one and a half days and is heavily controlled by police. He talks about the requirements for owners once licensed. He says the public perception that you can walk in off the street and buy a gun was wrong and that firearms owners are the most checked people in society.

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