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Akkar Churchill shotguns now available

Nioa is pleased to announce that it is distributing the Akkar Churchill range of shotguns. This new, best-in-class entry-level range of shotguns delivers unprecedented quality at a price everyone can afford.

Models available include the Akkar Churchill Sporter 12-gauge with 30" ejector, Sporter 12-gauge with 20" ejector, Sporter 12-gauge with 30" extractor, and Trap 12-gauge with 20" ejector. Standard features include chrome-lined barrels, black chrome external finish, 3" chambers, 8mm ventilated rib with red front-sight, five extended chokes, Turkish walnut stock, 365mm length of pull, Ultrasoft recoil pad, steel receiver, and single selective gold-plated inertia trigger.

Nioa has been testing these budget-priced shotguns for the past six months and has been very impressed with the results. The test results show:
1. Approximately 20,000 rounds were shot through three different models without a single malfunction.
2. The guns have nicely weighted inertia triggers - a feature not normally found in guns of this price bracket.
3. These are the softest recoiling guns Nioa has have ever tested.
4. The extended choke delivered high-quality, even shot patterns.
5. Corrosion-resistance was very impressive. Nioa deliberately tried to make these guns rust by shooting them in the rain and not cleaning them. The chrome exterior and chrome-lined barrels did not rust during testing.
6. The balance and feel of these guns is excellent - all members of the test team were equally impressed.
7. Nioa concluded that in this price range, these are the best guns available in Australia.

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