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New Meopta MeoPro riflescope range

Designed and engineered with a passion for quality and precision performance, the new MeoPro series is the most affordable premium riflescope ever produced. The new MeoPro range delivers waterproof, fogproof and shockproof reliability, while not costing the earth.

MeoPro 1" riflescopes are designed and engineered for quality and precision performance, while setting the bar as the most affordable premium 1" riflescope line on the market today.

Hunters from across the globe are now appreciating the tried and true features, which are offered in the new MeoPro line of riflescopes, which include compact size, elegant design, Meopta’s renowned premium optical performance, 3x power span and a 1" maintube.

MeoPro scopes also feature Meobrite 550 - a unique patented Ion-assisted lens coating yielding an industry leading 99.8% light transmission per lens surface, allowing more light in the visible spectrum to transfer through the optical system and into the user’s eye. Meobrite coatings are what makes Meopta the choice of recreational and military optics users in lowlight conditions. Meobrite coatings are also extremely durable, surpassing military specification for severe abrasion resistance.

MeoPro 3-9x42
This classic hunting scope is appropriate for hunters of all experience levels and the various big game they go after. From Roebucks in Central Europe to Red Deer in New Zealand, the MeoPro 3-9x42 is the versatile choice for the demanding outdoor enthusiast.

MeoPro 4-12x50
This scope is for when a little more is just what you need and is the perfect choice for hunting in wide open spaces. Whether lush green fields or the rugged terrain of an open valley, the 4-12x50 provides the power and precise performance necessary for the difficult shots.

MeoPro 6-18x50
This offers long-range precision with an attractive price. High-powered, accurate and dead-on-target, these are the requirements of serious long-range shooters, and the MeoPro 6-18x50 delivers in every way. Crisp, 0.7cm at 100m windage and elevation adjustments ensure that you will be sighted-in correctly with each and every shot. Third turret parallax adjustment keeps the second focal plane reticle anchored to the intended target, ensuring repeatable, highly accurate results.

All Meopta MeoPro scopes include:

  • One-piece tube crafted from high-grade aluminum alloy with a 1" maintube diameter (25.4mm)
  • Multiple antireflective MeoBrite 5501 ion-assisted coated lens ensuring crisp, brilliant imaging
  • Z-Plex reticles situated in the second (non-magnifying) focal plane
  • Nitrogen-purged and sealed body for guaranteed fogproof, dustproof and waterproof performance
  • - Independent MeoTrak II posi-click wind and elevation adjustments with positive-step increments of 0.7cm/100m (¼"/100 yard)
  • Ergonomic positive grip power change ring ensuring fast, smooth adjustment in the most inhospitable conditions

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