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Geoff Jones
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Doing something right
You know you’re doing something right as the country’s largest shooting organisation, not only when your membership continues to increase each year, but when one of Australia’s most vocal anti-gunners directly attributes an increase in firearms licences to your successful lobbying efforts.

In late September, The Australian reported that in my home state of Queensland, the number of new firearm licence and new category approvals had more than doubled in the previous two years. Permits from existing licence holders to purchase new firearms had also increased.

While the Queensland Police Minister Jack Dempsey credited streamlined police procedures, reduced waiting periods and faster approval times to the increase in licences, Gun Control Australia’s Roland Browne said, “These people getting lots of extra guns are people who are taking it up because of the promotional push from the shooting lobby to broaden out shooting as a sport in Australia.” I really must thank Mr Browne for this positive press and in noticing our Association’s hard work in representing the interests of our members and Australia’s licensed, law-abiding shooters!

SSAA National has been lobbying the government and various ministerial departments hard in recent months. In September, we responded to a request from the Minister for the Environment to provide input into potential changes in regulations concerning animal imports and exports, particularly hunting trophies. Read more >

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