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Welcome to the 2014 edition of Australian & New Zealand Handgun. As readers of this magazine will already know, handgun shooting is alive and well in this part of the world. Indeed, Australia has many dedicated handgun shooting competitions on offer, as well as competitions that require the use of both short and long arms. Single Action is one of these competitions, combining the quick shooting of 19th-century firearms with the respect for history and good sportsmanship, and requiring shooters to adopt their own unique shooting alias.

We kick off this edition with an interview with 2013 Single Action World Champion Sam Medway from New South Wales, who is the first non-American to win this prestigious title. We have been watching Sam’s shooting efforts for several years now and are so proud to see him reach the top of his game after working his way through some personal difficulties. But as Savage Sam says, he’s got a World Title to defend, so no doubt there’s more to come from this cowboy!

We then take a look at Steel Challenge and its new rimfire pistol class. Steel Challenge is already a dynamic competition to participate in and watch, but having a rimfire class is set to open up the event to a whole new group of shooters, including beginners and juniors.

In our Review section, we have technical and practical reviews on pistols, air pistols and revolvers from Colt, Pardini, Ruger and Smith & Wesson, as well as holsters, cleaning equipment and reloading guides. In our Historical section, we take a look at some of the more fascinating wares from the handgun world, including a quirky palm gun from the American Prohibition era, a highly inadequate Japanese pistol, a classic Smith & Wesson revolver that influenced many manufacturers in their designs, and a pair of French pocket percussion pistols that made all of its owner’s dreams come true.

Order your Handgun magazine nowEnjoy all that Handgun 12 has to offer, and remember to enter our competitions for your chance to win a fantastic safe, pistol light, or reloading book pack. Good handgunning!

Tim Bannister
Tim Bannister
Editor & CEO