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Welcome to the 2015 edition of Australian & New Zealand Handgun. This edition is a bit of a mixed bag for handgun discipline shooting. Keen Combined Services discipline shooter Peter Richards kicks us off with some advice and training tips for participating in Combined Services handgun matches, while Single Action shooter Jeremiah discusses reloading for the .44-40 cartridge. Greg Van Borssum then shares his introduction to the world of competitive pistol shooting and showcases his Ray Pulver-built STI 2011 - a pistol he says gave him the edge and helped him win the two-man Metallic Teams category at the 2014 World Action Pistol Championships.

Also in the Target section, Alek Wadi examines some of the problems commonly encountered with .22LR handguns and offers suggestions on how to remedy them. Despite being ‘just a humble rimfire’, .22LR-calibre handguns are notoriously fussy with ammunition and still require regular cleaning and maintenance to get the best out of them. However, as Alek advises, there are times when consulting an experienced, qualified gunsmith is essential.

Those interested in revolvers will enjoy our reviews on the Smith & Wesson 929 Miculek and Ruger Super Blackhawk Stainless, while self-loading pistol shooters are well catered for with our reviews on the Steyr-Mannlicher M9-A1, Walther PPQ M2, Grand Power X-Calibur, Coonan .357 Magnum, Kimber Rimfire Super and Tanfoglio Stock III Xtreme. We also test a number of great shooting accessories.

In our Historical section, Royce Wilson takes a look at the Webley Mk VI .455-calibre revolver - a service firearm that will celebrate its 100th birthday in April 2015, on the centenary of the World War I Gallipoli landings. Shooting couple Steve and Lynn Bain celebrate their wedding anniversary by purchasing an almost matched pair of Ruger Single-Six and Blackhawk revolvers, and Henri Lach investigates a curious 6mm rimfire walking stick gun.

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Tim Bannister
Tim Bannister
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