Muzzleloading Competition

Muzzleloading poster
Muzzleloading rule book
Part A - Black Powder Cartridge rule book
as per ASSRA rules

Within the SSAA, muzzleloading involves competitive shooting with replicas of firearms used during Australia's colonial days. Many of the excellent replicas available are exact in every detail and it surprises many people just how accurate these firearms can be in the hands of proficient shooters. More about Muzzleloading

Muzzleloading Hall of Fame After Nationals Townsville, Qld 2015
Muzzleloading National records After Nationals Townsville, Qld 2015
Muzzleloading Australian records After Nationals Townsville, Qld 2015

Australian Team selection for 10th MLAIC World Long Range Muzzle Loading Championships

Competition Results
SSAA National Muzzleloading Championships 2-6 April 2015
SSAA Queensland Muzzleloading State Titles 11-12 October 2014
SSAA Muzzleloading National Championships 18-21 April 2014
SSAA WA State Muzzleloading Championships - Part 1 22-23 March 2014
SSAA WA Muzzleloading Rifle State Championships Part 2 5-6 October 2013
9th MLAIC Long Range World Championships 9-14 September 2013
SSAA NSW Muzzleloading Rifle and Pistol State Titles 7-8 September 2013
SSAA National Muzzleloading Postal Shoot 1 September - 30 November 2013
...Older results available in the Competition Results archive


Ramrod (Victoria) – January/February 2011
Ramrod (Victoria) – August/September 2010
Ramrod (Victoria) – June/July 2010
Ramrod (Victoria) – May/June 2010
Ramrod (Victoria) – April/May 2010

Shooting Japanese matchlock pistols by Leo Laden
The flash, the bang, the smoke and the smell that is - Muzzleloading by Allan Vaisham