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Australian Labor Party election statement

The Australian Labor Party continues to support and encourage sporting activities throughout our community and recognises the legitimacy of the shooting sports from local clubs through to the elite level of international competition.

A Gillard Labor Government would expect to continue open and frank discussions with the SSAA and the shooting community as a whole, as issues pertaining to firearms arise and it is with this belief that the Sporting Shooters’ Association of Australia has been invited to be a permanent representative of the new Commonwealth Firearms Advisory Council.

In its first term of office, Labor has:

  • funded firearm safety measures to be implemented by firearms users
  • discussed issues of concern with the firearms community
  • reviewed and improved advisory mechanisms, establishing a new firearms advisory body
  • clarified policy issues of concern to the firearms industry

Federal Labor values the role that firearms owner associations play in contributing to recreational shooting and hunting, to the economy and to Australia’s successes at the Olympic and Commonwealth Games, together with World Championships and other competitive activities.

Australia has in place stringent national and state firearms legislation designed to protect the freedom of both of our law-abiding sporting shooters and those of the wider community.

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