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Australian Labor Party statement

ASJ Special Edition: Federal Election 2007
November 2007

The Australian Labor Party supports and encourages sporting activity throughout our community. It recognises the legitimacy of the shooting sports, from local clubs through to the elite level of the Commonwealth and Olympic Games.

Federal Labor values the role that recreational firearms owner associations play in contributing to active sporting engagement, to the economy and to Australia’s successes at the Olympic and Commonwealth Games, together with World Championships and other competitive activities.

Australia has in place stringent national and state firearms legislation designed to protect the rights both of our law-abiding sporting shooters and those of the wider community. The Federal Labor Party encourages ongoing dialogue between the member-based sporting organisations, legislators and law enforces to maintain a safe community where legitimate sporting shooter can flourish.

Labor also recognises the important role of the conservation movement within the sporting shooters in protecting this country’s native animals against threats from introduced feral species. Ethical hunting too, has a long history in Australia.

Labor supports the roles of the shooting organisations in passing down the knowledge and skills to new participants, necessary to educate them in the appropriate methods to ensure stringent ethical standards in the field.

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